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  1. The Greek Goddess of the Earth. Areas of Influence: The Greek Goddess of the Earth was called Gaia or Gaeo. In the Greek creation myth she was formed out of chaos to become the Earth. Gaia therefore represents the primal earth Goddess through whom the whole universe was created. She was the ultimate personification of Mother Nature.
  2. Also known as Odua The Black Goddess of the Earth She is a beautiful earth mother figure with skin of the deepest darkest ebony. A deity who looks after women and children, she promotes love and life.
  3. Apr 22,  · Ala is a goddess in Igbo mythology from eastern Nigeria. She is the daughter of the elder god Chukwu and wife of Amadioha, the sky deity. She is the mother goddess of the earth, ruler of the.
  4. Apr 22,  · Isis was the daughter of the earth god Geb and the sky goddess Nut and was married to Osiris, King of Egypt, whom she restored as a mummy after .
  5. Danu, in Celtic religion, the earth-mother goddess or female principle, who was honoured under various names from eastern Europe to Ireland. The mythology that surrounded her was contradictory and confused; mother goddesses of earlier peoples were ultimately identified with her, as were many.
  6. Eos is the Greek goddess of the dawn, a patron of new beginnings. She is the sister of Helios, the sun god, and Selene, the moon goddess. She is frequently depicted with wings and is said to dispense the morning dew on the earth. Eos is also believed to have an insatiable lust-- both for love and adventure.
  7. Apr 22,  · Top 10 Earth Goddesses. A primordial component of all early religions was the cult of the mother goddess, who represented earth, fertility and all aspects of creation. In honor of Earth Day, TIME takes a look at some of the more interesting mama deities.
  8. Jun 26,  · Although there are no existing templesto the Greek Goddess of the Earth, Gaia, there are many great art pieces in galleries and museums across the country depicting the goddess. Sometimes depicted as half-buried in the earth, Gaia is portrayed as a beautiful voluptuous woman surrounded by fruits and the rich earth that nurtures the plant life.
  9. Apr 13,  · Quite simply, Gaia is life. She is all, the very soul of the earth. She is a goddess who, by all accounts, inhabits the planet, offering life and nourishment to all her children. In the ancient civilizations, she was revered as mother, nurturer and giver of life.

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